Juho Oksanen
How to grow a digital audience? How to sell more games?
I am a multitool that answers all the questions.

Stay awhile { and listen }

Things I can do for you
Here's the index of things I usually do, but am not limited to:

3D modeling & animation, Brand management, Brand strategy, Campaign management, Campaign strategy, Community management, Content creation, Copywriting, Data analytics, Email marketing, Graphic design, Image editing, Influencer relations, Marketing campaigns, Marketing content, Marketing management, Marketing strategy, Newsletter management, Press relations, Search engine marketing, Search engine optimization, Social media content, Social media management, Social media marketing, Steam optimization, Text editing, Trailers & Teasers, Video editing, Visual presentations & graphs and Web development.

Simply put: I do things for your growth and success.

If you don't find what you're looking for in the index, do contact me and ask about it. If it's related to marketing games, I've most likely done it and/or studied it.
+ my own methods
One of the most valuable traits as a growth and marketing specialist is to stay right on top of things. I educate myself on a daily basis to know what currently works and what doesn't.

On top of being aware of the current trends and consumer habits I add my own spin to things; I learn from others but I do not copy them. Originality is important to any brand and I apply that truth to my work.

What's the most important for me? I want to be proud of my work.
Autonomous Powerhouse
Should you choose to work with me, you get an unstoppable Nordic powerhouse at your service. You’d have a fresh-minded marketing and growth professional with heaps of creativity and visual skills in your ranks. I have the unwavering Finnish work mentality passed down from my predecessors who worked their way through the Winter War, the Continuation War, and the aftermath.

Although there is real power in teamwork, I am also experienced in working completely on my own and in executing campaigns from scratch. I am reliable, easy to reach, easy to work with, and most of all:
I will not fail you.
Why games?
Video games, board games and other tabletop games have all been a huge part of my life since forever. My older siblings put a controller in my hands before I could even walk. Games have given me everything and I intend to give back as much I can. This is my calling.

  • Why is it a good idea to hire someone like me? (simplified)

    Costs money

    Make more money

  • Some of my recent work achievements

    My current highscore on TikTok:

    Time: 30 days
    Post count: 24
    Views: 18 000 000+
    Likes: 1 400 000+
    Comments: 39 000+
    Followers: 40 000+

    Average post views: 750 000+

    Worked solo, started from nothing, no guests, no advertising, no promotion, zero budget, no existing brand, only original posts, original & self-made content, no reposting, no face shown.

    TikTok is one of my specialities.

    My toughest experience in marketing games:

    Published Sunblaze (video game) under my leadership and management. I was put in a leadership position very much out of the blue, but to this day the video game is still the most successful one to come out from Bonus Stage Publishing.

    My favorite non-gaming-related work I've done:

    Introduced and managed the development of XR solutions for a mid-sized architecture company, bringing to table completely new ways of visual marketing, management, and teamwork for all the teams inside the office.

    This started as kind of a job on the side while doing other tasks like visual marketing and web development for the architecture company, but my team quickly came to realize the power of XR in both planning and marketing.

    See more about @roguehood on TikTok
    See more about Sunblaze on Steam

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